Talk Talk Broadband

The In's & Out's of Talk Talk Broadband

Talk Talk is an internet service provider offering unlimited TV, broadband, and phone packages to customers. Like traditional bundled packages, Talk talk broadband for students also provides students different packages, at a reduced price. At the present time, the company is offering students a free YouView box, which includes thousands of hours of on demand TV viewing.

Package deals provide customers with a reduced price for a period of 12 months, prior to the rates returning to their original price. At the present time, for a 12 month period, students can find a package for £14.50, which is reduced from the original rate of £17.75. This essentials bundle package provides students with: 9 months half priced phone calls, and free weekends and evening calls.

A speed of 14 MB for internet is provided in this package, and unlimited line usage is provided. Customers do have to sign a 12 month contract, in order to receive the reduced rate.

Due to the fact that the biggest limitation for students is bandwidth, choosing a student package is a simple way to save. Not only is Talk talk a reliable service provider in the UK, they also provide customers with different plans and bundled packages at different time periods. At any time, you can find a reduced price, for bundled services, and do not have to worry about limited bandwidth, meaning slower speeds when you connect online.

Since you need the internet for school work, and to log on for classes, choosing a reputable service provider is a simple way to save. And, if you have housemates that share a flat with you, it is not only a great way to purchase sufficient internet and phone usage for everyone in the flat, you can also save even further by splitting the cost of the bill with all who will use the services.


We compare dozens of the top UK broadband providers to help students find broadband packages that suit them.