Switching Broadband Provider

Switch Broadband Provider

How Do I Switch Broadband Provider?

Fed up with your current broadband service? More often than not, it doesn’t pay to be loyal to your broadband provider. So if you are not happy with your current provider it makes a lot of sense to look elsewhere. Whether you’re disgruntled with an unresolved connection issue or just plain annoyed with poor customer service, switching broadband providers is pretty straightforward, especially if you know the process to follow. Here is a simple guide to help you switch broadband provider.

Check Your Current Contract

Before switching broadband provider, check the terms and conditions of your current contract. Check if you’ve completed the minimum term. If you have not passed the end of your contract already, you may find the cancellation fee a deterrent to switching, especially if you are in a 12-month or longer contract.

But if you’ve completed your minimum contract period, you may find it easy and cost-efficient to switch provider. If you are not sure whether you have passed the minimum period, you should give your provider a call to confirm. This will ensure that you don’t incur a huge penalty for leaving early.

Choose the Best Broadband Deal

If you are looking to switch broadband providers, you need to find out what else is available in your area. You can use one of the online Ofcom approved comparison tools to find out what’s available in your area. Alternatively, you can read online reviews of the top broadband services by customers who have actually used them.

Online reviews can be very helpful in gauging the customer service, reliability, technical support, speed and billing that you can expect from your new provider. So, read the experiences of customers to get an impression of how you’re going to be treated as one of their customers. This will help you make an informed decision about the service provider you prefer.

Once you’ve chosen a particular provider, make sure you know all the details of the new deal that you intend to sign up for. What are the costs associated with the new deal? What are the terms and conditions associated with the new deal? Be sure to check specific items such as the speed estimate for your address, connection charges, total monthly cost, contract length, your contractual obligations, cancellation policy and any hidden charges.

Switch Broadband Provider

Once you’ve confirmed the details of the new deal, contact your current provider to arrange for the cancellation of your broadband. If you are migrating from one ADSL broadband provider (broadband that is delivered via a phone line rather than via a fibre or cable) to another ADSL broadband provider, you will need a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) from your current broadband provider.

By law, your current provider must provide you one within 5 days, when requested. If you experience difficulties getting your MAC, or if your MAC code later does not work and your old provider refuses to help, then you should contact the UK’s broadband regulator Ofcom to complain.

Broadband services that use completely different technologies, such as switching between BT Openreach or cable and mobile broadband or switching between Virgin Media cable and BT Openreach provider, don’t need a MAC. But, switching between fibre packages with different ISPs will require a MAC code. Ask the broadband provider you want to switch to tell you what you need to do.

Top Tip

Always remember to double check the full terms and conditions of the contract as different broadband providers have different costs.

For example, some providers may start you off on a cheaper monthly package but then raise it significantly after a few months.

When comparing prices it's important to double check these kind of things to ensure you choose the best deal.

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