Short Term Broadband Contracts

Short Term Broadband Contracts

A guide to short-term and no-contract broadband packages

If you are only in need of broadband services for a short period of time, then having to sign a full contract for 18 months may seem like a bigger hassle than it is worth. The good news is that there are a number of ideal, short-term options that will allow you to get the services you need, for the period that you need it.

Shorter broadband contracts can be the perfect solution for anyone or any business that is not sure they will be in the same location for more than a year. For example, students who will only be in town during their school term, or anyone who lives far away for home for longer periods of time for work purposes.

What to Consider when Selecting Short Term Broadband Services

When you are considering short term broadband services, there are several things to keep in mind:

Upfront Fees

There are not very many broadband services that offer rolling contracts for a month at a time, due to the expense that is associated with setting up the service and the necessity to recoup this with the monthly payments. However, when you are willing to pay some type of installation fee upfront, there are a number of packages to choose from.

Line Rental Fees

These will still apply for those who are on a rolling contract basis, however, there is not a huge difference in the price when compared to longer term contracts.

Equipment Fees

When you make the switch to the rolling or short term broadband deal, you will likely have to pay for the equipment that is necessary, such as the wired or wireless router.

Types of Broadband Deals Available

Some of the companies that offer these short-term broad band deals are highlighted here.

Broadband Providers
Direct Save Telecom

Here you will find a number of one month rolling contracts, which have speeds of as much as 24Mbps as well as a number of usage limits to select from.

Astra Connect

This is a satellite broadband service that provides one month rolling contracts, which are able to be transformed into a 12 month contract if you desire. For people in areas that do not have the standard broadband services, this can be the ideal option; however there are a number of equipment, installation and activation costs that you need to consider.

Virgin Media

This company offers a student broadband package that is ideal for anyone that is going to a university soon. These only have a nine month contact and you will only have to pay for the broadband that you actually need. This also offers a TV service if desired.

The benefits that are offered by short term broadband services such as freedom and flexibility are extremely appealing for a number of people. However, you need to be sure that this is the right solution for your needs, prior to paying the upfront fees that are likely going to be expected. With the information here you can begin to cipher through the different deals that are available to find the right one for you.

Top Tip

Always remember to double check the full terms and conditions of the contract as different broadband providers have different costs.

For example, some providers may start you off on a cheaper monthly package but then raise it significantly after a few months.

When comparing prices it's important to double check these kind of things to ensure you choose the best deal.

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