o2 Broadband

The In's & Out's of o2 Broadband

With so many broadband offers and packages on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to opt for - especially if you are student and trying to save as much money as possible. O2 currently offer four different broadband packages, and you will be able to choose an offer based on how frequently you use the internet, and whether you want to watch movies or play games on the web.

What are the different O2 packages for students?

+ The Basics package costs £8.50 if you are an 02 mobile customer, and you will be able to surf the internet and check your emails. The standard price if you are not an O2 customer is £13.50. You will also need to factor in the cost of purchasing line rental when opting for any broadband package from O2, which will cost an additional £13.00.

+ The All Rounder package is aimed at students who want to download music or watch television online. This costs £12.50 per month if you are an O2 mobile customer already, and £17.50 if you are not. Line rental is an additional £13.00.

+ The Works is the third broadband package and is aimed at those who enjoy playing games and watching movies online. The Works package costs £21.00 if you an O2 mobile customer already, and £26.00 otherwise.

+ The final package is the Access package, ideal for students who are outside of the O2 network area, but still want to sign up to a broadband deal. The Access package costs £22.50 if you are an existing O2 customer, or £27.00 if you are not.

+ Line rental for both The Works and the Access package is charged at £13.00 every month.

Other benefits to O2 broadband for students

There are a number of other benefits when you become an O2 customer, including access to O2 Priority Offers and priority tickets at O2 entertainment venues across the UK, including The O2 in London. You will also be able to access Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on your mobile phone when traveling within Europe for an additional £1.99 per day.


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