BT Broadband

The In's & Out's of BT Broadband

If you are a student at university, you may only need broadband for part of the year - especially if you return home during the summer months. BT Broadband have a number of broadband deals that have taken student life into consideration, including 9-month contracts that provide you with unlimited broadband for surfing the internet, reading your emails, and watching movies. You will be able to use the broadband in a shared house with friends, and once the summer arrives, you are free from the contract. This article explores BT Broadband for students, with focus on the different deals that are available.

1. T Infinity Extra

T Infinity Extra is a 9 month contract for students, offering 40 GB of usage and up to 38 MB download speeds - ideal when preparing work for projects and assignments, and when communicating with friends and family over the internet. Other benefits of this package include free NetProtect Plus, providing you with peace of mind when surfing the web. The T Infinity Extra package costs £14 a month, subject to £15.99 line rental and a £30 activation charge.

2. Unlimited BT Infinity 1

Unlimited BT Infinity is great if you want unlimited broadband usage. This 9 month contract offers up to 38 MB download speeds, with NetProtect Plus provided free of charge. This package costs £19 per month, subject to £15.99 line rental and a £30 activation charge. An unlimited broadband package like this one provides you with greater flexibility when using the internet, and is ideal when watching videos or playing games.

3. Unlimited Broadband

The third package BT offers for students is Unlimited Broadband, providing up to 16 MB download speeds, and unlimited broadband usage. The package costs £16 per month, subject to £15.99 line rental. There is no connection charge with the Unlimited Broadband package.

Other benefits

There are a number of other benefits when taking up a BT broadband package for students, including access to the BT Cloud and BT SmartTalk apps, as well as the BT Online Player.


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